Ever wanted to sleep among the trees in North Idaho?

Well, now is your chance.

An Idaho woman is offering a one-of-a-kind getaway.

Kristie Wolfe transformed an old fire lookout tower atop Crystal Peak in Benewah County into an Airbnb.

Wolfe, who lives in Boise, bought the lookout and several acres around the region last year.

"I do air bnb for a living. I built a treehouse in Hawaii, I have a hobbit hole in Washington," said Wolfe.

The lookout was built in the late 50s and used to be located near Chewelah.

The lofty getaway features a bed, a stove, a cooler and an old woodshed down below was transformed into a sauna. If that wasn't enough, there's solar panels so you can charge your phone.

"Lookouts are just really cool. And to be able to own an original one is so rare. There's so few that exist," said Wolfe.

Wolfe opened the lookout in July and it's already proven to be popular.

She said weekends in the lookout are already booked out several months in advance. It will stay open in the fall and winter too.

A single stay will cost $200 a night.