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West Ada School District voted to no longer notify parents of classroom COVID-19 exposures

Board members voted 3-2 to stop sending parents and families notifications if their students are exposed to COVID-19 in the classroom.


During West Ada School District’s (WASD) monthly school board meeting Monday night, members voted 3-2 to no longer email families of when their students have been exposed to COVID-19 at school. 

This decision was not brought up during public testimony, where people were given two minutes to voice their concerns. Most concerns were about any potential changes made to the district’s mask policy amid increasing teacher and student absences. 

The district decided it was better to no longer send exposure notification emails in an effort to give school administrators more teaching time throughout their day. 

According to the school district's data, 100 student covid cases were reported and 71% of those cases were reported in the last five days. The school district currently has an 89% attendance rate and the district said that they can usually manage if attendance is 90% or higher. 

On Monday, there were 220 substitutes in the district and the need for more substitutes is growing. 

During the meeting, there were discussions about freedom and adding it to the goals of the board. Including whether or not they even needed to keep their COVID-19 website dashboard, with the chair of the school board suggesting parents to get their covid data from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare dashboard instead. The board also voted to have the administration start creating an endemic plan for the current and next school year. 

WASD will have its next board meeting on February 14.

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