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West Ada School District puts bond, levy on May 19 ballot

The district is asking voters for $68.7 for several construction projects to keep up with growth in the area.
Credit: KTVB
A picture of the West Ada School District building in Meridian, Idaho.

MERIDIAN, Idaho — The West Ada School District -- Idaho's largest -- will have a school bond and levy on the May ballot.

The school board voted Tuesday night to ask for a $68.7 million bond for the construction of several projects, including a new elementary school south of the interstate, replacing Eagle Elementary, major remodeling for Lake Hazel Middle School, and playground safety upgrades across the district.

School district spokesman Eric Exline says the district runs bonds quite often,  every couple of years, because of rapid growth in the area -- 750 new students in the district this year alone.

The board also voted to put a $14 million supplemental school operations levy up for renewal.

Exline says because of growth, the property tax levy rate will actually go down, but your actual tax bill may vary.

"Well, our total property value last year went up by about $5 billion. So you're taking essentially the same amount we've had in the past and dividing it by a much larger number. And then your levy rate goes down. Now for some people their assessed value will go up on their house. At least you'll be multiplying a lower rate by that value, but that doesn't mean their total tax bill couldn't go up," Exline said.

The levy will need 50 percent plus one vote to pass.

The bond will need a two-thirds supermajority.

Those items will be up for a vote on May 19th.

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