Boise High School's Anthony Luo and Jack Lauer both achieved perfect scores on their ACT tests, a 36 out of 36.

Luo and Lauer weren't the only ones swelled with pride after achieving their outstanding marks on their college entrance exams.

"My parents were proud of me. They said you can get into a good school now," said Luo.

"I checked and I was like what? I was super happy and I ran in woke my parents up and they were pretty excited," said Lauer.

Luo is just a junior but college is on his mind.

In fact, he leaves Boise High after lunch and spends the rest of the school day taking courses at Boise State!

When it’s time for him to officially enroll as a freshman, Luo hopes it will be at MIT, his dream school.

"I would like to study computer science with a focus on data analytics and data science," said Luo.

And then, devote the rest of his life to more studying!

"I would like to become a professor at a research university and then just do research for the rest of my life," said Luo.

Slightly older, Jack Lauer is a senior.

Several days ago, Lauer got the news he didn't get into Stanford but he's taking it in stride.

His teachers and peers are pretty sure he will get into another school just as prestigious.

"It's okay, it's fine, it happens, I'll be applying to probably five or six Ivy leagues," said Lauer.

Lauer wants to major in math but also take on several other areas of study.

"I would probably like to double major in either social science, or maybe physics or chemistry or something like that, and maybe minor in Spanish," said Lauer.

Lauer is currently taking AP Spanish literature and is proficient in the language, a skill necessary for his future plans.

"I don't have a solid idea of what I'm going to do but I do know that I probably want to live in Spain or another Spanish-speaking country and live there, I think it would be pretty cool," said Lauer.

While both have different college choices and career aspirations, it's likely both Luo and Lauer will go far because of their same academic gifts.