Treasure Valley schools are seeing major growth with the influx of people moving to the Gem State.

The West Ada and Middleton school districts are now asking voters to approve bonds that would allow for expansion to help prepare for that influx.

Both bonds would appear on the ballot in March of 2018.

The West Ada School District is seeking $95 million to build a new high school and add on to an existing high school and two elementary schools in the district.

Additionally, $3 million of that $95 million would go toward purchasing new land for future school sites.

Over the next 10 years, it's estimated 11,000 new students will enter the West Ada School District.

In Middleton, the district is asking voters to approve a $25 million bond that would go toward building a new elementary school and also purchasing land for future schools.

The Middleton School District, made up of 4,000 students currently, saw 100 new students this year and anticipates another 1,000 between now and 2023.

Superintendent Josh Middleton is confident the bond will pass.

"We do expect support, we had a survey done, five percent of our eligible voters, just a couple weeks ago and the results were 77 percent of those in the survey supported the building as well as acquisition of property," said Middleton.

If passed, the new elementary school would be built on 15 acres on Purple Sage Road south of Meadow Park Boulevard.