MIDDLETON, Idaho — Three members of the Middleton school board face a recall vote.

Community members gathered enough signatures to get the recall effort on the ballot after a year filled with controversy for the district.

Aleisha McConkie, Marianne Blackwell, and school board chairperson Tim Winkle all face the recall.

Some community members were upset and feel the board made a mistake by not renewing Middleton High School Principal Benjamin Merrill's contract at a board meeting in early May. 

Since that meeting, many in the community pushed for a recall of the three board members who voted to not bring Merrill back next year. 

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Earlier this year, Canyon County sent out a letter notifying the board members of the recall and allowing them an option to resign before it goes to a vote. 

None of the board members went that route.

The recall needs a simple majority vote to pass. They also need at least as many voters to turn out in August as voted for the school board members in the prior election. 

If you live in the voting district for the Middleton school board special recall election, polls are open until 8 p.m.

We will have the results of the election as soon as they are available.

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