An exciting new program for elementary school students will soon be coming to Gowen Field.

The program is called Star Base, and it's designed to inspire fifth-graders to explore science, technology, engineering and math - commonly known as STEM.

The program features interactive, and hands-on projects that get students not just thinking, but working.

Currently, the program is in more than 30 locations across the United States.

Jim Heuring, director of Star Base Idaho, says nationally the program has been a great success for engaging kids to explore subject areas they would normally have no interest in.

"We target the fifth grade because that is a great age to motivate and acclimate them to those types of careers and concepts. That way they can spend the rest of their education years in junior and senior high and college pursuing STEM-related careers and concepts," said Heuring.

Program leaders are currently working on making partnerships with local schools to arrange for fifth-grade classes to spend one day a week for five weeks at Gowen for the program.

The goal is to have the start date be early next year. The program hopes to host more than 1,500 students every school year.