BOISE — The Idaho Department of Education is launching a new app to help volunteers better serve the needs of schools in their communities.

It's called "Purposity," a play on the word purpose.

Once people download the app, they can see what school kids in their area need.

The needs often go beyond what the school or an individual teacher could help with like buying shoes for a child in foster care or personal hygiene items for a student in a homeless situation.

When the program launched in the Bonneville School District, 500 users signed up in one week.

"After we launched the program I had people calling me and telling me they wanted to help but that they hadn't known how to help before," said Jessica Baksis, Bonneville School District.

"We're really excited to say that every need that we've ever submitted in Purposity has been met, so we have a 100 percent fulfillment rate and that's just a testament to how much people want to help. They just need a simple, easy action step to do so," said Dr. Jamie Rife, co-founder of Purposity.

The application launches on November 1st.