BOISE - The kids are back in school, which means slow down and stay alert-- especially in school zones.

The Idaho Transportation Department, AAA Idaho and local law enforcement drove home that message Thursday at an event near ITD's Office of Highway Safety.

"Parents, it's important that you talk to your children. If they're walking to school or they're riding their bikes, it's important to talk to them of being safe, of not darting out into traffic, of paying attention. When they're waiting at those bus stops, it's not time to do horse play and run into the roads see how close you can get to the roads, and also be paying attention and have that conversation with them," said ITD highway safety manager John Tomlinson.

Organizers say progress has been made in the overall protection of pedestrians on Idaho roadways. Still, school-age children are still at risk. According to ITD's 2015 crash data-- pedestrians between the ages of four and 14 were more involved in serious and deadly car crashes.