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Caldwell School Board cancels public hearing

The public hearing on proposed policy 3281 was canceled due to safety concerns. The last meeting was ended early due to people not following protocol.

CALDWELL, Idaho — Caldwell School District Trustees have canceled a public hearing that was scheduled for Monday, Jan. 23 citing safety concerns. 

"The Trustees will be working with the Caldwell Police Department to create a plan to ensure the safety of participants at all future meetings because the safety of our students, parents, patrons, and staff is of utmost importance," Jessica Watts, the director of communications at Caldwell School District wrote in an email.

The hearing was on proposed policy 3281. About gender identity and sexual orientation and how the district could make those children feel more comfortable in school by adopting policies that allowed them to use bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice and be addressed by their preferred pronouns. 

Earlier this month, on Jan. 9, the school board held a school board meeting to discuss the proposed policy. As KTVB previously reported, hundreds of people showed up. It was abruptly ended when Sen. Chris Trakel (R) would not listen to the Chair of the Board, Marisela Pesina. 

That meeting was almost adjourned many times prior to Trakel taking the podium due to people applauding someone's comments, speaking out of turn and yelling at the board. 

Although the Jan. 23 meeting is canceled, the school district is still taking written comments, feedback or solutions and ideas on the proposed policy. To provide input people can email the Clerk of the Board at kcheney@caldwellschools.org. People will need to include their name, address and phone number in the email.

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