Boise State President Dr. Bob Kustra made some big announcements today during his annual State of the University address.

He said BSU plans to build a new facility for the School of Public Service and announced the creation of the new School of the Arts, which will offer students opportunities in fine art, music, theater and creative writing.

Kustra also talked about the formation of a human rights initiative in honor of the late Marilyn Shuler.

“As a result of a planned gift, we will be launching the Marilyn Shuler Human Rights Initiative this fall, and it couldn't come at a more appropriate time," Kustra said. “One thing's for sure, this is not the time to retreat to our private and protected spaces and instead I would argue, it's the time to come together as a community, it's a time celebrate diversity, but to be inclusive in doing so.

The initiative will include human rights education for students, as well as author events open to the public.

Eventually, they'll offer an academic certificate in human rights issues and advocacy.