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North Junior High students continue broadcasting from home

"This is the part of school that's actually fun," said one of Alicia Wright's students.

BOISE, Idaho — Learning from home can be a challenge, especially when you're used to learning in a classroom. One Boise teacher put faith in her video broadcasting students to continue production from home.

"When we started our distance learning I happened to be watching Channel 7 one day and saw that you guys were reporting from home, the weather and things like that, and I was like, 'you know, I think my students can do this,'" said Alicia Wright, who teaches at North Junior High School.

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Wright says when she brought up the idea with her "North News" students, they were excited.

"That first week everyone was in and ready to go and recording from their house," Wright said.

Students put together the weekly announcements for the school. It takes nearly all week to make the plans and fine-tune the production.

"We have a document we share, everyone has a job, and we're all kind of collaborating all day and making changes," Wright said.

Credit: Troy Colson/KTVB
North Junior High School teacher Alicia Wright

We were able to talk with one of Wright's video broadcasting students, Charlie Donahey.

"I've been doing some editing for it, filming myself by going off my back porch," Donahey said. "We're just trying to make everything go as best it can."

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He's enjoying it, but admits it's challenging.

Wright says it has been very different doing the broadcasts from home.

"It's a little tough because when they're in class with me and they're editing, I can help them right there in class," Wright explained. "Right now, I have to do it via email, during office hours, and editing a video is hard to do anywhere and without your teacher there guiding you it can be a bit challenging."

"North News" has not disappointed, though. In fact, it has kept the video broadcasting students engaged and happy.

"This is the part of school that's actually fun," Donahey said.

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Students in the class are also putting on a virtual talent show and awards assembly since they won't be able to hold those at the school. Everything is posted on the North News YouTube page.

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