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Circle time continues: 'She's the highlight of our week'

Meaghan Savage-Pieschl visits her students every week in Boise for socially distanced circle time.

BOISE, Idaho — The school year is winding down. It's been one students won't soon forget since they've been learning remotely for the last quarter. Most, haven't seen their teachers in person that entire time. This week's Innovative Educator didn't want to let that happen.

Miles Warren has circle time with Meaghan Savage-Pieschl twice a week. They're not inside Northview Montessori in Boise, but at the 5-year-old's house.

"We stay our allotted feet away, and depending on the weather, we're inside the garage or on the driveway," explained Savage-Pieschl.

She visits 19 students every week. Incoming kindergarteners get to see her two times a week while the rest see her once.

"I like doing store game," said Warren about his time with his teacher. "You get items out and then you have to have three items and choose one and then you have to pick money or letters."

"It gives them something to do, but it just keeps them working," Savage-Pieschl said. 

Warren's parents, Zack and Sarah, say what Savage-Pieschl is doing is helping them too.

"We're very touched she did this," said Sarah Warren. "I feel like we really didn't know how to balance working from home, having him home full time and trying to be his teachers, and not only did she come out and work with him but she's helping us figure out the concepts to continue which has been invaluable for us."

They say it's been fun for them to watch their son and his teacher, especially when it's time for yoga.

"It's just a novelty right now to have someone show up," said Sarah Warren. "It's great for him. It's like going to the movies or the playground. She's the highlight of our week."

Savage-Pieschl says she started the in-person circle time because she has an old computer and didn't want to try online learning, we think it's safe to say everyone is happier with the alternative.

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