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'It's fun when it turns out': Students learn the joy of cooking

Christina Murray opened Season and Taste in downtown Boise to help kids and their families eat healthier.

BOISE, Idaho — Learning to cook in grade school is largely a thing of the past. This week's Innovative Educator decided to open a cooking school to fill in the gap.

We went to Season and Taste in downtown Boise where about a dozen girls, ages 8-12, were learning a lot about cooking from their teacher Chef Christina Murray.

The students were each making a meal to bring home for their family for dinner. The meal included potstickers, rice and sauce.

"So first we made part of the meat and then we started making rice," said a student named Finley. "We have that instant pot and we just started to mix all the rice and vegetables, soy sauce."

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Then Murray shows them how to form a potsticker. Once that's done it's time to saute. 

"I really like it," said a girl named Sophia. "I really enjoy it."

Murray says teaching kids how to cook is rare now, but so important.

"Home-Ec isn't in schools anymore and everyone is buying meal delivery or fast food and now we're coming full circle with the farm to table movement," Murray said.

She jumped at the chance to become part of the movement.  

 "So they can be healthy," Murray said.

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Murray says her students will share their passion with their parents and she says hopefully that will be the start of more home-cooked meals. 

"I'm really excited to bring it home to my family," Sophia said. "It's fun when it turns out."

Murray is also a volunteer culinary instructor for WIC and SNAP recipients in Idaho. She loves teaching adults, as well as children.

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