We're starting something new at KTVB. It's called "Innovative Educators."

Each week we will feature a teacher who is doing positive, creative, innovative things in their classroom to really excite and engage their students.

We start at Endeavor Elementary School in Nampa. A teacher there has a style that seems to be a real home run with her students.

Fourth-grade teacher Taylor Warren is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. Using decorations she made she converted her classroom into the famous Fenway Park after the Red Sox won the World Series over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

"I stayed late last night and put in the time and effort, but it's all worth it in the end," Warren said.

For instance, she used a wide swath of green construction paper to recreate Fenway's famous left field wall known as "The Green Monster."

"I wanted to be able to celebrate with my students the big win," she said.

Of course, it's all to drive home some lessons.

"It is hands on, real life problems and engagement," Warren said.

Her fourth graders went station to station to solve different math related problems. At "The Green Monster" station they looked at the team's statistics for the 2018 season and figured out things such as which player had the most home runs. That was J.D. Martinez, by the way, with 43 dingers.

There was a stadium seating capacity station where the kids compared the number of seats in each to determine the differences between the ballparks.

They also got to go shopping at a merchandise market to work out how many hats, umbrellas and ponchos they could buy for $100.

It certainly scored with the kids.

"She has a lot of fun activities and she like mixes a lesson into them so we can have fun while learning," fourth grader Lily Williamson said.

"They're so engaged," Warren said. "Right now I'm not having to pay attention to anything behind me because the engagement is there and they are ready to learn and loving learning."

In the past, Warren has also converted her classroom for a book tasting.

"The students came to an Italian restaurant and got to taste different genres of books," Warren said.

She also created a crime scene investigation scenario in which the students had to look at pictures and do interviews to find the culprit of a make believe theft.

Warren applied for and received a several hundred dollar grant from CapEd Credit Union to help pay for the supplies for these special class activities.

"I don't learn and I don't teach well if I'm just sitting there just lecturing and doing worksheets," Warren said. "I don't teach well that way, and so I want to make sure that I'm teaching the best I can and that's through engaging activities like this."

Through some Fenway fun the kids learned lessons, and maybe even found a new interest.

When asked if she even liked baseball, student Lily Williamson said not really, but "now it's getting me more excited about baseball with this activity."

It seems that teacher Taylor Warren hit this lesson plan out of the park.