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Idaho students show off their inventions at the Statehouse

It was all part of the annual Idaho Invention Convention.

BOISE, Idaho — Idaho's brightest young inventors filled the Capitol Monday, showing off their ideas to legislators during the annual Idaho Invention Convention.

Twenty-five of the state’s top inventors between first and 8th grade displayed their inventions inside the Capitol rotunda, like the one created by fourth grader Cal McDevitt.

"There's toxins in the soil that need to come out and sunflowers are called hyperaccumulators. They get toxins out of the soil,” said Cal. "So what I did, it's a robotic sunflower. So there's little roots that come down and dig into the ground and then they just kind of suck the contaminants out bit by bit."

Twenty-two students will represent Idaho at the national Invention Convention and Entrepreneurial Expo in May.