Applying for college can be very stressful for high school seniors.

Some students don't even bother to apply for school because they assume they won't be accepted.

The Idaho State Board of Education is changing the acceptance process for public colleges and universities through direct admissions.

"Without direct admissions, a student would fill out an application to a college, university center, mail it in, cross their fingers, hope they get in and wait for that acceptance letter to come then take the next steps there to enroll," says Blake Youde, spokesman for the Idaho State Board of Education.

That process is now a thing in the past, at least for Idaho students applying for in-state colleges and universities.

"We send a letter to students that says you're in, we turn this process upside down," explains Youde.

Here's what the direct admissions process looks like:

The Idaho State Board of Education automatically takes all Idaho students' qualifying credentials, like their junior year GPA and college entrance exam.

They then screen them and if those scores are accepted into any of Idaho's eight colleges and universities, the student will get an acceptance letter as early as September of the student's senior year.

"When we notify the student of where they have been admitted, we also notify the colleges and universities which students were admitted to their schools and we let the high school know too so the counselor can help the student," says Youde.

Because the direct admission process does most of the work for the student, Youde says the only things the students have to focus on are what they want to study and finding financial aid if they need it.

He says he's heard a lot of positive feedback from many students who have benefited from this new process.

"They said I didn't think I was college material, I didn't know that I could get into a college or university, it took the guessing game out, the process was overwhelming I was worried about applying, and we have just taken that off the table and now they just focus on where they want to go and what they want to study," says Youde. "The application process can be daunting to mom and dad too, maybe they didn't go to college, or the application process has changed so significantly from when they went, it can be a scary moment so we wanted to take that off the table."