Students at Boise State University are debating whether or not one of their professors should be fired.

The controversy stems from an article written by political science professor, Dr. Scott Yenor, where he states that transgender activists are trying to undermine parental rights.

Dr. Yenor's article, Transgender Activists are Seeking to Undermine Parental Rights, was published on August 2, 2017, in "The Dailey Signal."

It’s a website that is in no way affiliated with BSU, but students and faculty who found the article offensive say Yenor should be fired regardless.

In his article, Yenor states that transgender activists are trying to cut back parental rights by giving children at a young age, more independence to make the choice whether they identify as a boy or a girl.

Yenor cites transgender ideology being taught in elementary schools in Wisconsin and a new law in Norway where the government can decide gender reassignment for children as young as six, if both parents can’t agree on the child's gender.

He says this is problematic and a threat to the modern family unit.

“There are limits on parental rights, reasonable limits, like child abuse which is a reasonable limit on parental rights, but without that being the centerpiece on the family policy you end up with much worse outcomes,” says Yenor.

His article spurred immediate backlash from the BSU community including a petition with over 2,000 signatures calling for Yenor to be fired.

Yenor says he has not been punished by the university but has been condemned by some of his colleagues.

‘The campus diversity inclusion officer has likened me to a neo-Nazi and blamed me for Charlottesville in a piece posted on the college website,” says Yenor.

Yenor and those debating on his behalf Monday night say his free speech is being threatened.

But opponent and president of Boise State's Young Democrats, Joe Goode, says this is hate speech.

“In our belief this is hate speech and it's alienating a lot of folks in this Boise State community, we want to show that our university stands for more than hate, we are a community of equality and inclusivity.”

A member of the Young Democrats will be opposing Yenor in Monday night’s debate and one of the university's Young Republicans will be speaking in Yenor's defense.

Dr. Yenor says he won’t be attending the debate.

It will be moderated by another BSU professor, and as far as the goal or outcome, it is to spark more discussion.