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Boise State President Tromp holds virtual town hall to address budget cuts, furloughs

Boise State will give faculty as much notice as possible and will dedicate staff to help with a career transition and benefits plan.

BOISE, Idaho — Boise State Athletics announced Wednesday that it would soon make budget cuts. The department also announced that it will implement furloughs and compensation reductions based on individual salaries. Some staff could see furloughs of four to 12 weeks long.

Following the announcement, questions surrounding other university programs and departments that could be financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

University President Marlene Tromp held a virtual town hall on Thursday afternoon to address budget cuts with faculty and staff. The main topic of discussion was furloughs, specifically who would get them and when.

After the cut in the athletic department, questions remain about enrollment, reduction in revenues, state budget cuts, COVID-related expenses and additional unexpected COVID-related costs.

Unfortunately, the university staff wasn't able to give direct answers.

"So there are so many layers of things that we don't know," Tromp said. "That's made it very very difficult for us to give you a lot of specifics about what will happen and when those things will happen."

Shawn Miller, the associate vice president of Human Resources for the university, said discussion regarding where cuts will be made have been occurring since March.

"We look at the least impactful action to the employee that meets the goal that the unit is trying to achieve," he said. "For example, you've seen or heard about furloughs, salary reductions or in some cases reassignment to other places on campus. We've been successful as a university using these methods."

In the event that furloughs and program cuts are unsuccessful in reducing the budget and there is no essential work for an employee, there may be job cuts.

Should job cuts occur, the university will give as much notice as possible and will dedicate staff to help with a career transition plan, a benefit plan and offer stress relief. The university will begin furloughs with the goal of preserving employees.

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