Boise State University celebrated the opening of a new campus living and learning space for students.

The Honors College and Sawtooth Hall includes housing and learning spaces dedicated to students in the honors program, as well as housing for some students who aren't in the honors college.

The new 236,000 square-foot building also includes a dining facility -- Southfork Market.

After this morning's brief ceremony, members of the media were invited to take a tour.

Andrew Finstuen, the dean of the Honors College, says the new facility is the result of three years of planning and teamwork, and has been needed for a while.

‘We were bursting at the seams, we couldn't manage all the students that were coming to us, and we wanted to serve them,” said Finstuen. “So first and foremost, we just get to serve the students that are coming to us. Secondly, we have the classrooms and our honors staff together in one suite of offices. That was impossible in our last space because it was too small. And then the living portion up above campus with the dining facility. So when you think about how to foster community and intellectual growth, it’s about having the conversations in the classroom, it's about eating together, and it's about visiting together in the hallways and the corridors.”

Honors College and Sawtooth Hall were built through a public-private partnership between the university and EdR Collegiate Housing, which built and will operate the facility.