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Boise State gets 4 robots for engineering department

A partnership with a Taiwanese company is bringing robotic engineering to Boise State University.

BOISE - A new partnership between Boise State University and a Taiwanese company NEXCOM is bringing robotic engineering to the BSU campus.

This is part of Boise State's new push to implement robotics education into its engineering department.

NEXCOM will put four robots in the new robotics innovation space in the College of Engineering.

The robots will be used by graduate and undergraduate students with the ultimate goal of giving them hands-on training on robots they may encounter out in the workforce.

"This is one of the opportunities for students to work with precision automation to really look at how all of this comes together, as well as cybersecurity issues so that our students can be prepared to enter these workforces, and these companies that are really looking at these types of automation for their manufacturing," said JoAnn Lighty, Dean of Engineering, Boise State University.

Students will be able to work with the robots this upcoming school year.

The university hopes to get more robots in the future as the program expands.