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Boise High School selects new logo

The logo was created to go with the school's new mascot - The Boise Brave.
Credit: Boise School District
Boise High School has unveiled its new logo.

BOISE, Idaho — Boise High School has unveiled a new logo.

Principal Robb Thompson said in an email that the new logo goes with the new mascot - The Boise Brave.

The mascot was changed from "Braves" to "Brave" in August. The school district said the decision was the "culmination of an extensive collaborative process by school administrators who consulted with Boise High staff, alumni, parent and student leaders, as well as the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes."

The tribes urged state officials to ban the use of all Native American mascots in Idaho public schools.

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Thompson said shortly after the start of the school year, a logo contest was held. It was open to all students and faculty. There were a total of 43 submissions.

Then, a logo committee, made up of students, alumni, faculty, administration, and parents met to determine the characteristics that most accurately represent Boise High.

The concepts were then shared with the entire school. After gathering more input, the committee selected the primary logo for the high school.

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Principal Robb Thompson sent out this explanation of the logo, which has since been posted on some of the social media pages associated with Boise High School.

“Explanation of the logo:

Surrounding the shield containing the B (representative of BOISE and BRAVE) are the 4 Cardinal Virtues, which are also found in the plaster relief of Plato on the main portico of the entrance to Boise High School:...

Sophia = Wisdom
Dikaiosune = Justice
Sophrosyne = Temperance
Andreia = Courage/Bravery

Contained within the B is a Greek column - representing strength and support and are a nod to the Greek architectural style in which the 1921 entrance to our campus was originally constructed.

Olive laurels that surround the entirety of the shield are representative of victory - in civics, academics and athletics.

Our colors remain red and white.

Est. 1881 - indicates the year of establishment for what eventually (1902) became Boise High School where it stands today.”

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