Many people and businesses are hoping to profit off the total solar eclipse as hundreds of thousands are expected to flock to the Gem State to catch a glimpse of the historic event.

And the hotel industry is no exception.

One Utah man, who booked a room over a year in advance, says he's been deceived.

James Eastin of Salt Lake City booked a room at America's Best Value Inn and Suites in Boise on April 22, 2016, for the nights of August 20th and 21st, which is the day before and day of the total solar eclipse.

He showed us his bill and it was $158 for both nights.

Then, ten days out, Eastin says he received an email from the hotel stating that his stay had been canceled due to maintenance.

Eastin claims he looked at the hotel's website after the cancellation and his room was relisted on those dates for the price of $500.

“Absolutely I feel like I have been swindled, I’m paying for a room when I already paid for a room in Boise but I have to see that eclipse,” says Eastin.

KTVB did a search of available rooms at America's Best Value Inn Monday and didn't find any available rooms, which is now 7 days out from the eclipse.

KTVB also spoke with a manager who did not want to be identified and said rooms were being canceled due to renovations, as the hotel went under new ownership a month ago, but added he encourages all effected customers to call the hotel and says he will try to work with guests.

“When I tried calling and specifically explaining what the problem was the guy set the phone down and never picked it back up. I stayed on the phone for over a half an hour waiting for him to pick up the phone again and he never did,” says Eastin.

Idaho Deputy Attorney General Brett DeLange says it depends on the hotel policy, whether or not they cancel and for what reasons.

“One side doesn’t get to cancel because they think something better is going to come along,” says DeLange.

The manager at America’s Best Value Inn wouldn't elaborate on what the hotel's policy is.

DeLange recommends if other individuals find themselves in this situation they should contact an attorney.