BOISE - Parts of Idaho and eastern Oregon will be treated to a total eclipse of the sun on Aug. 21. Even if you aren't in the path of totality, you will still get a show to remember.

If you would like to know exactly when the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse will happen in your neighborhood, NASA has created a fantastic interactive map that lets you zoom into your community and find out - down to a tenth of a second - when the eclipse will begin, when you'll see totality (the moment the moon moves completely in front of the sun), and when the eclipse will end.

Boise is about 50 miles south of the center of the path of totality, which means there won't be a total eclipse in the City of Trees, but there will be a spectacular partial eclipse that will last for 2 hours, 39 minutes, and 32 seconds.

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Here is a sampling of times in Idaho and eastern Oregon:


Start of partial eclipse: 10:10:33.4
Maximum eclipse: 11:27:13.3
End of partial eclipse: 12:50:05.3

Idaho City

Start of partial eclipse: 10:11:08.5
Start of total eclipse: 11:27:30.6
Maximum eclipse: 11:27:55.1
End of total eclipse: 11:28:19.7
End of partial eclipse: 12:50:46.8


Start of partial eclipse: 10:11:41.6
Maximum eclipse: 11:27:53.0
End of partial eclipse: 12:49:57.5

Mountain Home

Start of partial eclipse: 10:10:47.6
Maximum eclipse: 11:27:53.9
End of partial eclipse: 12:51:13.3


Start of partial eclipse: 10:10:06.9
Start of total eclipse: 11:25:33.3
Maximum eclipse: 11:26:15.6
End of total eclipse: 11:26:58.1
End of partial eclipse: 12:48:37.8

Twin Falls

Start of partial eclipse: 10:11:47.3
Maximum eclipse: 11:29:43.2
End of partial eclipse: 12:53:45.9


Start of partial eclipse: 10:10:17.5
Start of total eclipse: 11:25:18.6
Maximum eclipse: 11:26:21.1
End of total eclipse: 11:27:23.8
End of partial eclipse: 12:48:34.9

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