The total solar eclipse is coming up on Monday, August 21, and people are already making their way to their destinations.

That includes Weiser, which is hosting an eclipse festival.

"The visitors have started to flow into town and into the area," said Patrick Nauman, festival chairman.

Nauman is also the owner of Weiser Classic Candy. So far, he’s met people from New York, Maryland, and even France who are staying in Weiser.

“It's pretty awesome that they chose to come to Weiser to begin with, but the fact that they got in their car and made a cross country trip, (it) was pretty incredible to visit with them,” he said.

As many as 60,000 people are expected in Weiser on Monday, the day of the eclipse. It’s not that crowded just yet, but Nauman said the local businesses are seeing an influx of customers.

"The foot traffic downtown has really been phenomenal,” he said. “I'd say that it's easily five to six times the amount of foot traffic downtown as we'd normally see on a Saturday.”

It's a much-needed increase after the harsh winter that resulted in costly damage for Weiser and other communities near the Idaho-Oregon border.

“It's really exciting for this community because of everything they've been through in the last year. Having this much influx is spectacular," said Sara Bronson, who grew up in Weiser.

“I think it's awesome. It's exactly what we've been wanting by planning the eclipse festival we wanted to give and opportunity to show off our community,” Nauman said.

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