BOISE -- There is no good season to be homeless.

But summertime presents its own unique challenges for both the people experiencing homelessness and the organizations working to help them.

Temperatures at or near 100 degrees can be especially brutal for those who have to spend most of their time outside, with no home in which to escape the heat.

Representatives from the Boise Rescue Mission and Interfaith Sanctuary homeless shelters say they often see people suffering from heat-related conditions, including heat exhaustion and dehydration.

The shelters are asking for specific donations to help ease the burden.

"Bottled water is certainly at the top of the list, sunscreen is right up there with it and some kind of bug spray like Off," Boise Rescue Mission President Bill Roscoe said.

Interfaith Sanctuary case worker Jordan Pereira had other suggestions.

"Sandals with backs on them because they are walking all day, so that offers them support, and then nutrient rich food, meat, cheeses, nuts to keep them going through the day," Pereira said.

Tune into Viewpoint this Sunday at 6:30 a.m. as we look at the challenges of summer homelessness, and give you some ideas of how you can help.