CALDWELL - A Caldwell woman says the inmate who escaped from the Canyon County Jail on Wednesday barged into her home while on the run.

Officials said 37-year-old Eric Garcia escaped by cutting through siding in the shower area of the jail's minimum security tent facility Wednesday morning.

He then climbed over the 10-foot fence topped with razor wire.

Debbie Oates said Garcia ran up her back porch and into her house.

"And I looked up and i said, 'Who the heck are you?!' and he said, 'I just want to use your phone,' in sort of a broken English way of saying it. and I used an expletive and said get the h out of my house.

"He turned around and he went back out. I guess because I look fierce and mean, all 5'4" of me. and he went into the driveway and I thought, I should probably call the police, but then there they were. They all showed up, three, four, unmarked, sheriff's cars from Canyon County."

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Garcia was in jail on a charges of felony domestic battery with traumatic injury, felony attempted strangulation, and a felony parole violation. He now faces additional charges for Wednesday's escape.

This is the ninth escape from Canyon County's minimum security tent facility since December 2015 - and the first since new security measures to prevent escapes were installed last month.