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Woman accused of pointing gun at crowd during Boise protests

Several other people, including some juveniles, are also facing charges for 'disturbances' during Tuesday's rallies in downtown Boise.
Credit: Boise Police Department
A gun seized by Boise police after a woman allegedly pointed it a crowd during rallies in downtown Boise Tuesday night.

BOISE, Idaho — Boise police have released new details on several arrests stemming from Tuesday night's rallies and protests in downtown Boise.

Two adults and four juveniles face possible charges or citations for a series of "disturbances" throughout the night.

According to police, a woman reportedly pointed a gun at people in a crowd. The case has been sent to the prosecutor's office for a review of charges. The woman's name has not been released, but police did share a photo of the seized gun.

A man was arrested on a charge of resisting and obstructing after he allegedly jumped over barricades marked with police tape.

Four juveniles were also detained, cited or facing possible charges, according to investigators:

  • One juvenile detained for battery and released to parents
  • One juvenile detained for disturbing the peace after allegedly jumping out of a vehicle and attempting to incite a fight. That juvenile was also released to parents.
  • One juvenile cited for minor in consumption of alcohol.
  • One juvenile was reported to have committed a battery on another person in the crowd.  The report is being sent to the prosecutor's office for possible charges.

While Tuesday night's rallies were mostly peaceful, there were some "tense moments," Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee said during a news conference late Tuesday night.

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The groups involved expressed differing views, with some calling for police reform and others showing support for law enforcement.

The rallies coincided with the Boise City Council's discussion on police funding. The City Council ultimately decided to approve a $1 million increase to the police budget.

City leaders and police expressed concerns prior to the rallies after a planned Black Lives Matter rally reportedly drew threats of violence from counter-protesters on social media. Boise Mayor Lauren McLean urged Boiseans to avoid downtown during the rallies.

BLM Boise ultimately moved their rally to Boise State, where about 100 people gathered Tuesday afternoon. Some later showed up at City Hall where counter-protesters, many of whom carried American flags and signs supporting police, were already gathered.

On Wednesday, police thanked "everyone who peacefully exercised their first amendment rights."

In a statement, McLean also said she was "happy that many of our community members were able to protest respectfully."

Below is her full statement:

Last night, we saw a mostly peaceful protest and assembly in action. I fully and firmly believe in our first amendment rights as Americans. We should speak out. We should hold our leaders accountable. We should stand up for our fundamental truths and beliefs. It is an integral part of a democracy.

While there were tense situations, I am happy that many of our community members were able to protest respectfully.

I want to thank Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee for his leadership leading up to and during the protests. His steady approach is a welcome addition to our great city. I also want to thank all the police officers on-site yesterday for ensuring the safety of all.

I am encouraged by the peaceful events yesterday evening. We are committed to creating a city for everyone, and we will continue to do what it takes to ensure that diverse voices are welcomed, valued and heard.

Be well, Boise.  

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