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TSA discovers loaded gun in female passenger's carry-on luggage at Boise Airport

This is the seventh gun that has been found in carry-on luggage at the Boise Airport this year.
Credit: TSA Public Affairs
The gun - a North American Arms .22 caliber revolver - was loaded with five rounds of ammunition.

BOISE, Idaho — TSA officers spotted a handgun loaded with five rounds of ammunition in a female traveler's carry-on bag on Wednesday morning. 

The passenger was traveling from Boise to Salt Lake City, authorities said.

The handgun was discovered around 11:40 a.m. during a routine screening of carry-on baggage, according to the TSA. An officer noticed the image of the gun on the x-ray screen and immediately notified airport law enforcement.

The gun found was a North American Arms .22 caliber revolver and was loaded with five rounds of ammunition. The passenger was cited on a charge of possession of a firearm at a checkpoint.

This is the seventh incident at Boise Airport this year involving a firearm being stored in a passenger's carry-on luggage, according to TSA.

TSA is reviewing the circumstances of the incident in order to impose a civil penalty against the passenger. Factors considered when issuing a civil penalty include whether the firearm was loaded and whether the ammunition was easily accessible.

Boise Airport TSA officers reminded travelers that firearms can only be transported if they are unloaded, packed in a locked, hard-sided case and placed in checked luggage.

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