KUNA, Idaho -- Police say an intoxicated teen was taken to the hospital after a crime spree Halloween night.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office says around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday a 17-year-old boy ran through the Sutter’s Mill neighborhood in Kuna just south of the Kuna/Ten Mile roads intersection while kids were still trick-or-treating.

Emily Thomson and her boyfriend just got to their home from trick-or-treating with their three small kids.

"I peak around, and I see this guy running into our house. No shirt on just wearing jeans totally out of it," said Thomson. "I tried to grab his arm because I was closest to him, and he shoved me away and tried coming further into the house, and that’s when my boyfriend came in and basically wrestled with him and pulled him out of the house."

And that was just the beginning. After they got him out of their house and locked the door, they saw the intruder trying to get into their pickup truck parked in the driveway with the keys still in the ignition

“Gets into the driver seat and turns the truck on and tries getting it into gear," said Thomson. "My boyfriend manages to pull him out of the truck. And then they start running that way and he chased him down the street, and then the kid ran into the neighbor's house."

"I heard someone on the porch, and I thought more trick-or-treaters so I open the door. And here this guy jumps in through the doorway," said Korean War veteran Larry Carter.

Carter says he didn’t know what to think. "Ranting and raving and waving his arms, and I’m trying to push him out and he grabbed me and pulled me off my feet as if I was nothing!”

He tried to push the intruder out the door, but couldn’t do it. The suspect got around got around him and ran into a bedroom.

“He jumped in the bed covered himself in the blankets and things, and he was thrashing around and making screaming and hollering," said Carter.

Carter says that’s when the teen took off the little bit of clothing he had on. By now multiple people had called the police. As he waited for them to arrive, Carter kept an eye on on the intruder from the hallway with his walking stick in hand for protection.

Once officers arrived It wasn’t easy getting him out of the house. Carter says it took four officers and multiple tries and "about four times they had to stop and lay on top of him to control him."

"You could just hear him screaming," said Thomson. "And it sounded crazy. I mean he sounded like and animal or something.”

"They had one heck of a time with this fella,” said Carter.

After police took him into custody, The boy was treated on scene by paramedics. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Investigators don't know why the boy picked the two homes to break into. They say he did not know the people who lived there.

Kuna police are still investigating the case. They are determining what crimes the boy will be charged with when he is released from the hospital.