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SUV runs over Boise cyclist then speeds off, leaving a trail of damage and medical bills

Pointing out the skid marks on the sidewalk, Paul Peyton says he couldn't help but think the collision was intentional. "It was like he saw me and he aimed for me," Peyton said.

BOISE, Idaho — A Boise cyclist is looking for justice after he was run over by an SUV near the intersection of Fairview Avenue and Eagle Road in Meridian.

"If this guy is still out there, what is he going to do now," Paul Peyton said. "Is he going to try and run over me again?"

Peyton says he was riding his bike home from work at about 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 20, traveling east along the sidewalk on Fairview Avenue.

"I'm riding down the sidewalk on the mountain bike, this guy comes out of the parking lot, over the grass median, hits me on the mountain bike, and takes off going toward the left into oncoming traffic," Peyton said.

According to the Meridian Police report, the car was an older, blue SUV but Peyton says he wouldn't have known.

"I didn't even notice it was an SUV because all I saw was grill when he hit me," Peyton said.

Pointing out the skid marks on the sidewalk, Peyton says he couldn't help but think the collision was intentional.

"What I see on that sidewalk is this guy was gunning it," Peyton said. "He was spinning the tires, he was lighting it up."

The crash sent Peyton to the hospital with major cuts and bruises.

"I had seven stitches in my forehead, he put a nice big gash in my forehead, it broke my left big toe," Peyton said.

But what Peyton says is even more crippling are his medical bills.

"I have over $6,000 worth of medical bills, the guy tore up $800 worth of mountain bike," Peyton said. "My first thought is having everything paid for, I mean he did a lot of damage.

Witnesses at the scene couldn’t see the vehicle's license plate but Peyton is hoping someone might have more information.

"If it was an accident, maybe I could not be so paranoid by it," Peyton said. "Every day that I ride around on my mountain bike and I'm going back and forth to work, this is always in the back of my mind."

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