BOISE, Idaho — Scammers are using a real phone number for the Boise Police Department when targeting potential victims around the country.

Police said in a series of tweets Wednesday that they've received multiple reports of someone using the number (208) 570-6000 and making fraudulent calls.

Changing the phone number that shows up on caller ID screens is a tactic called “spoofing.”

The callers are using well-known scam attempts, including pretending to be a grandchild in jail, or telling victims that there is a warrant out for their arrest.

"BPD officers will never call and threaten arrest or demand payment for warrants, etc.," police said in one tweet. "We will also never demand or accept gift cards as payments (common scam attempt). If you receive this fraudulent call, hang up immediately."

According to the department, the number being used in the scam attempts is an actual phone number for BPD's records department. Officials say you can call back and speak to an actual Boise Police employee if you ever receive a questionable call.

You can learn more about scams and how to protect yourself here.

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