A community is on edge just one day after a man was shot in the back of his shoulder after chasing down a man burglarizing his home.

We spoke with the shooting victim, Dan McBride, on Sunday afternoon. Since then, Darvin Pedersen, a man who lives around the corner from McBride has come forward saying his house was broken into just three days beforehand.

Pedersen has lived in this neighborhood for 55 years. He says at one point he knew everyone, but now that's not the case.

"Our kids used to run all over and we never had to worry about them," said Pedersen. "Now we have grandkids we kind of watch and great-grandkids you don't let them go outside unless you're with them."

So when Pedersen came home on Thursday and found his gate wide open, he was extremely concerned.

"We were gone from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.," said Pedersen. "We got home, and somebody had broken into our house."

Fortunately all that was taken was $400 in cash from a garage sale.

The more alarming news came just three days later when word got out about McBride's incident.

"It was a guy loading her purse up with our wallets, the phones and all that kind of stuff," said McBride.

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McBride says this wasn't an isolated incident. His car and some of his neighbors' cars have been broken into in the past.

"I think that's something that's common that's going on in this neighborhood," McBride said. "I just never expected it to be at my house, inside my house."

A spokesperson with the Boise Police Department says since June 1, there have been seven total reports of residential burglaries.

While police have arrested 29-year-old Andrew Dechambeau in connection to that shooting, Pedersen says whoever took his money could still be out there.

"It may be somebody different, you never know," Pedersen said.

For now, Pedersen says he is taking security more seriously.

"I changed all my locks," said Pedersen. "Both of my gates have chains on them now. It's better to be safe than sorry because you never know.