PARMA - Authorities are investigating after the remains of three puppies were found in bags in a Bureau of Land Management area in Payette County.

Mike Rohrer from Fruitland was in the area of Pearl and Elmore roads, which is a popular place to shoot guns and ride ATVs, on October 18 when he stumbled across those three trash bags.

"I just thought that somebody had just left trash behind," said Rohrer. "As I walked past them I noticed some legs coming out of the one."

Rohrer looked closer at the other two bags and says he saw two more bodies.

"I was mad, I was sad, I couldn't believe anybody did that," Rohrer said.

Lieutenant Andy Creech with the Payette County Sheriff's Office says the puppies were huskies, and were about three to four months old.

"This is uncommon for us to have animals that are discarded out in the desert like that," Creech said. “Payette County deputies respond to an average of 163 animal calls per year," Payette sheriff's Lt. Andy Creech said. "Approximately 33 of those calls are reporting possible animal cruelty. The Payette County Sheriff’s Office will continue to investigate this case and all possible leads that are reported to us.”

This incident has left many people concerned, and with a lot of questions.

"What happened to them?" Rohrer said. "Why were they tossed in bags and just thrown out there like garbage?"

As far as charges go, Creech says they need to continue with the investigation to determine what charges the person or people responsible will face.

"We're not sure exactly what all charges they could be charged with," Creech said. "Depending on how they died will determine whether or not it's animal cruelty or not. If they died from natural causes then animal cruelty wouldn't be something."

Creech says there aren't any signs of trauma or any indications pointing to how the puppies died.

Anyone with information about the dogs is asked to contact the sheriff’s office at (208) 642-6006 or Crime Stoppers at (208) 414-2677. Officials also ask whoever is connected to these dogs to come forward and meet with deputies.