MERIDIAN — Customers are continuing to get ripped off by thieves stealing credit card information at Treasure Valley gas stations.

Just last Friday police arrested three men accused of attempting to install credit card skimmers at a Meridian Jacksons store.

The gas station, on Eagle and Goldstone roads, is the same one where three skimmers were found one month ago.

"Obviously there was something there," said Meridian Police Lt. Jeff Brown. "Whether it's location and access to the interstate close by or the designer style of the pump itself, maybe they felt they had success there once before."

Some gas stations use security seals that are taped across the pump. A broken seal means it has been tampered with and a gas station attendant should be notified.

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But not all stores have these security features, so police recommend taking a close look at the pump.

"Take a very close look at where the card enters the device on the gas pump and make sure there is no loose exposed wires, loose parts, things that are falling off, panels that aren't secure all the way," Brown said.

It's possible that you may not notice anything out of the ordinary.

Some skimmers are attached to the card reader outside the pump, but others are concealed inside.

"We often recommend safety for the consumer to use cash, pay inside or if they can’t pay with cash use a credit card inside," Brown said. "Avoid using debit cards because that's a direct link into your checking account."

Anyone who thinks their credit card information may have been stolen is urged to cancel the card immediately and call police.