WILDER, Idaho -- A couple is in the Canyon County Jail after investigators say the husband choked his 6-year-old step-daughter, prompting his wife to shoot at him with a pistol.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon at a home in Wilder.

Heather Marie Hanson, 48, told police she had walked into the living room to see her husband, 45-year-old Cloyd "Tom" Kasper, with his hands around her daughter's throat.

Hanson said both she and her husband had been drinking vodka "heavily" before the incident, according to court documents.

Hanson said she became "extremely upset" and took the 6-year-old into the bathroom. From there, she called a family member on her cell phone and asked them to come pick up the girl, because she was going to kill her husband, according to police.

Hanson ultimately took her daughter next door, to meet with the girl's biological father.

"While at the neighbor's house, Heather told everyone to stay away from [Kasper] as she was going to shoot him for what he had done to her daughter," a deputy wrote in the report.

After returning to her home, Hanson told police she went into the kitchen and retrieved a pouch containing a .22 handgun from a cabinet.

According to police, as Hanson removed the gun from the pouch, she accidentally fired it, shooting one round into the kitchen floor. She then took the gun into her bedroom and hid it beneath her pillow.

When Kasper came back into the house, Hanson said she confronted him about choking her daughter, telling him he needed to leave.

"Heather stated she remembered [Kasper] saying things like 'I didn't do anything,'" the deputy wrote.

Hanson told police she got the .22 out of the bedroom and again told Kasper to leave, before pointing the gun at him and firing twice.

Both shots missed her husband, police say. Hanson said she then pointed the gun at her own head, at which point Kasper tried to get the gun away from her. The woman told police she hit Kasper several times during the struggle, but he was ultimately able to get the gun out of her hand.

Hanson said she told Kasper to "leave and never come back," and he drove away in his truck.

Hanson then flagged down a passing driver for a ride to the Homedale Police Department, where she told officers she wanted to turn herself in. The deputy who interviewed her wrote in the report that Hanson "appeared to be under the influence of alcohol."

"Heather stated she had nothing to hide and knew she did something wrong," the deputy wrote. "Heather stated she wanted to turn herself in for attempting to kill her husband and trying to commit suicide."

When asked why she had not called police after she saw her daughter being choked, Hanson said she had considered it, but "the more she thought about the incident, the more upset she became," according to the report.

"Heather stated she made up her mind she was going to kill [Kasper,]" the deputy wrote.

Detectives spoke to Kasper, who told them "he did not know why Heather was angry with him" and denied choking the 6-year-old.

However, in an interview with St. Luke's staff, the girl said Kasper had "put both his hands around her neck and squeezed until she could not breathe," according to court documents.

"[The child] demonstrated by putting her hands together in a circle in a strangling motion," a detective wrote.

Several bullet holes were found inside the Wilder home.

Kasper and Hanson were arrested and booked into the Canyon County Jail. Kasper is charged with felony injury to a child, while his wife faces a felony charge of assault with intent to murder.

Both suspects are due back in court in January for preliminary hearings.