NAMPA — The Nampa Police Department served two search warrants to two houses in two days. Twenty people were arrested.

The first raid conducted was at a house in the 600 block of N. 7th Avenue on Monday morning. The second raid happened on Tuesday in the 600 block of S. Olive Street.

“This is really an example of a couple of places in Nampa that we're trying to address those neighborhood complaints and concerns,” said Lt. Eric Skoglund.

The 20 people arrested were charged with minor offenses and frequenting homes where drugs are used or sold, Skoglund said.

Police served the search warrants after neighbors complained.

“We did get complaints from neighbors in both of those neighborhoods,” Skoglund said.

Some neighbors tell KTVB they saw a lot of activity at the house on Olive Street and people would often come and go on a regular basis.

“We try and look into every aspect of that complaint. We are focused on the safety and security of the people in Nampa and preventing crime, so we do encourage people if they have issues to let us know what those are,” Skoglund said.