MERIDIAN -- A Boise man who made the poorly-thought-out decision to shoplift at a Jacksons where an officer had stopped for gas was arrested Friday morning, police say.

The incident started at about 6:30 a.m. at the Jacksons store on Central Drive in Meridian.

According to Meridian Police Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea, the officer had pulled into the gas station when he saw a man sprinting out of the store. The store clerk ran out after the suspect, and shouted to the officer that the man had stolen items from the store.

The suspect - later identified as 23-year-old Stephen Andre Anderton - kept running, ignoring commands to stop, Basterrechea said. The officer chased after him. 

At some point during the chase, the suspect stopped and pulled out a screwdriver, police say, prompting the officer to Tase him twice. 

The Taser appeared to have no effect on Anderton, Basterrechea said, so the officer tackled him and was finally able to take him into custody.

The officer wasn't hurt, police say. 

Basterrechea said the suspect had stolen Tornados - a type of fried burrito sold at Jacksons - and Gatorade from the store. 

Anderton was arrested and transported to the Ada County Jail. Basterrechea said the suspect was "a little uncooperative at the jail," and was put into a holding cell. A mugshot was not immediately available.

Anderton faces a felony charge of assault on an officer and misdemeanor charges of petit theft and resisting arrest. 

He is due to appear in court Monday afternoon.