Stolen right off the carousel at baggage claim.

The Boise Police Department is investigating after a man was spotted on airport security footage stealing luggage.

This happened more than two weeks ago and the suspect is still at large.

Boise police say while baggage theft does happen from time to time, this brazen crime is extremely rare, with security and law enforcement constantly patrolling.

But officers also rely on the public to be on the lookout for anything that seems suspicious or off.

On October 8, the male suspect was spotted on airport surveillance video stealing at least four suitcases off the carousel and in other unspecified areas of the airport.

The majority of Officer Anthony Damer's career has been spent at the Boise Airport and he describes this crime as very unusual.

“It is extremely brazen for this individual to take that bag because we have got TSA security walking around on a constant basis, we have got law enforcement walking around on a constant basis and we have got an excellent surveillance system,” said Damer.

It’s unclear at this time if the suspect was a passenger, but he was seen with a woman, who is also a person of interest in the case.

Along with TSA security and law enforcement patrolling, Damer says officers rely on the public to keep an eye out for suspicious activity and an eye on your bags.

“Clearly marking your bag is a great way to know where your bag is at all times, getting to the baggage carousel as quickly as possible to retrieve your items is absolutely key to making sure that no one else can take them, but also we rely on the public, if you see something suspicious or weird in the area, please alert someone,” said Damer.

“We watch as much as we can but then it’s hard to tell if they are just looking extra for their own, it’s tough but we look,” said traveler Megan Jones.

Megan Jones and her husband just flew in from Missouri Tuesday morning. They were relieved to find their bags safe after hearing what happened.

“That's definitely a concern of ours,” said Jones.

If you have any information about the suspect or the woman he was with, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.