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Police: Man shot to death by brother in Nampa home

A fight between brothers ended in the death of a Nampa man Sunday evening, police say.
Credit: Nampa Police
Police say 33-year-old Jeremiah Nupen shot and killed his brother during a Sunday evening argument in their Nampa home.

NAMPA, Idaho — Officers were called out to a home in the 2000 block of Railroad Street in Nampa for the report of a shooting at 6:24 p.m.

Police say they learned that 38-year-old Jonathan Dallas had been shot and killed inside the house by his brother, 33-year-old Jeremiah Nupen. The men lived together at the Railroad Street house where the shooting happened.

Nampa Police spokesman Gary Marang said the brothers had been involved in an ongoing argument over the last several days. The fight escalated into an "altercation" on Sunday during which Dallas was shot, he said.

According to court documents, Nupen told police at the scene that his brother had been the "aggressor" in the situation. Dallas had threatened to beat him up just before the shooting happened, according to Nupen, and kicked in his bedroom door. 

The suspect said he fired three shots at Dallas as he came towards him after kicking in the door. The third shot struck his brother in the chest. 

Nupen also said that the two of them had gotten into a physical fight the day before, during which Dallas grabbed him by the throat, according to court documents.

Other people in the house confirmed that Dallas had choked Nupen the day before the shooting, and that he had kicked in the suspect's bedroom door before he was shot. 

None of the witnesses reported hearing Dallas say that he was going to beat up his brother, however, according to the court documents. 

When asked by police why he did not call 911 or leave his room through the window, Nupen did not have a response, but said "he only felt safe in his room in his chair with his pistol," according to court documents.

Nupen was still on scene when officers arrived. He was arrested and booked into the Canyon County Jail on a felony charge of second-degree murder.

If convicted, Nupen faces up to life in prison.

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