BOISE, Idaho — Police are investigating after more than a dozen burglary and prowler calls in Boise neighborhoods over the past week.

The incidents happened during the early morning hours in the West End/Downtown and North End neighborhoods.

In two of the cases, police say someone used a rock to break glass in an attempt to get inside homes. In both cases the would-be burglar was scared away by homeowners before getting inside.

In another report, an unknown person pried a screen off the window of a home before fleeing the scene.

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Police say they received several additional reports of two "suspicious" males who were wearing backpacks and seen running in the area.

"We are investigating more suspicious activity than usual in these neighborhoods, but we are confident that things will get back to normal with a community effort," said Sgt. John Terry, with BPD's Property Crimes Unit. "We will have more patrol officers keeping an eye on things and we ask our neighbors to do the same.  If you see something that seems out of place or odd in the late night and early morning hours, give our officers a call."

Anyone with information on the crimes is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (208) 343-COPS.

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