A father is angry and has a lot of questions after learning his son was allegedly beaten to the point of unconsciousness inside his Boise State University dorm and no one tried to get him help.

Trent Taylor flew in from Washington last Sunday night after learning his son Ben was in the hospital.

Taylor is seeking criminal and civil charges against the alleged attacker, and says he is furious with how the situation was handled.

Inside the Taylor Hall dorm at Boise State University is where the crime allegedly took place late last Saturday night.

By the way, the name of the dorm is just coincidental to this incident.

KTVB spoke with Trent Taylor, the victim's father, and their attorney.

All of the information Taylor tells us is based off what witnesses have told him and what police have said.

“Really what happened is my son got the living crap kicked out of him. Broken nose, multiple hits to the face, he's black and blue swollen, broken arm,” said Trent Taylor.

Taylor says when his son Ben was discharged from the hospital last Sunday night he was almost unrecognizable.

The beating happened when Ben, a freshman at BSU, went to visit a female friend in her dorm room in Taylor Hall late the night before.

“The guy that beat him up, I believe thought that Ben was being too loud and was kicking and yelling at the door. I heard this from a lady who was in the common room at the dorm and when Ben opened the door the two were face to face,” said Taylor.

The suspect is said to be a student athlete at the university.

Taylor doesn't know if words were exchanged between his son and the athlete, but was told by witnesses that when Ben opened the door that's when he was punched and knocked unconscious.

From there, the suspect continued to beat Ben.

“You know what's most sickening and disgusting as parents to think about is one, who can do this to somebody? Who can beat them unconscious and then continue to hit them and then leave them?” said Taylor. "Not only beating down my son but there were several other guys in the room, they were football players that didn't intervene.”

Taylor says while Ben was still unconscious, the female student he was visiting cleaned him up. Then Ben's roommate came to get him and put ben to bed.

Ben didn't wake up until noon Sunday when his older brother, also a Boise State student, took him to the hospital.

“Why was it not reported? Why did my son not get medical care?” said Taylor. “I mean to put a kid to bed that has obviously sustained massive trauma to his head and face, and to put him to sleep is absolutely frightening and disgusting.”

KTVB reached out to the Boise Police Department. They are investigating this situation as a possible assault. Right now, no charges have been filed.

Boise State sent us this statement about the incident: "Boise State officials are aware of a reported incident involving a student-athlete, and the individual has been suspended from team activities as the University conducts an investigation into the allegations. Campus and athletics officials take all questions of student safety and behavior seriously, however all student investigations by the University are protected from release by federal privacy laws. Boise State will have no further comment at this time."

Taylor says he is pressing criminal and civil charges.