CALDWELL -- A Caldwell woman is behind bars - again - after police say she attempted to put a hit out on her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

Tiffany Diane Knapp , 23, is now facing a felony charge of solicitation to commit murder.

Police say the plot unraveled when the man Knapp sought to hire told her husband about her plan, and intended victim called police.

Knapp is accused of sending out a group text message to about 20 people "stating something to the effect of, 'hey everybody, I need a big favor. I need my husband completely wiped off the face of the earth,'" a Caldwell Police detective wrote in her report.

One of the people she contacted - a friend of her husband - told police that Knapp had asked him repeatedly to murder the victim, and he eventually told her he would. The man showed police text messages from Knapp asking for "proof" that her husband was dead and confirmation that he was still willing to go through with the murder.

After the intended hitman told her he would shoot her husband, Knapp pressed for more details, police say.

"When and where and if he has money on him I want half and you can have the other half and I want proof," she texted, according to court documents.

On Dec. 30, Knapp asked the man to carry out the murder that night, and requested a photo of the gun he would use to kill her husband, police say. The intended hitman told detectives he sent her a photo of a gun he had found in an Internet search, and assured her he would go through with the shooting.

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In reality, the man said, he had already told Knapp's husband about the murder-for-hire plot. Detectives began investigating the case Thursday after the husband called police.

When investigators interviewd Knapp that same day, she admitted trying to have her husband killed, telling officers they were divorcing and she wanted him dead so she could get sole custody of the couple's three children.

"Tiffany stated [victim] called her an unfit parent and that was very upsetting to her," the detective wrote. "She said she did not want [victim] to have custody and she only wanted full custody of the kids."

Knapp said the plan had been for her husband to be shot in the back of the head when he went to visit a relative's house, investigators say.

The suspect was arrested and booked into the Canyon County Jail. She is set to appear in court Jan. 19 for a preliminary hearing.

Court records show that Knapp was sentenced to ten years in prison in April in a felony child abuse case, but a judge ordered the entire sentence suspended and she was placed on probation instead.

In that case, officers and Child Protective Services workers found Knapp's eight-month-old daughter emaciated and near-death from starving.

Knapp admitted that she had fed the infant only Kool-Aid and watered-down milk.

Medical personnel later told police the baby girl would have died of malnutrition within days without intervention. She was placed into foster care, where she gained more than four pounds over the next 20 days.

Criminal solicitation to commit murder carries the same penalties as attempted murder.