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North Idaho DUI task force gives gift card to sober driver

Not only was the task force catching drunk drivers, they were giving sober drivers a pat on the back.

IDAHO, USA — The North Idaho DUI Task force had its hands full this weekend, both catching drunk drivers, and rewarding sober drivers. 

The task force "caught" a someone being a designated driver around 1 am Sunday morning, and decided to reward them for keeping the roads safe. 

The task force also caught multiple drivers who consumed well above the legal limit. 

Officers also wanted to remind drivers impairment doesn't just mean alcohol. Driving under the influence of drugs is just as illegal. 

The North Idaho DUI Task Force was formed by the Idaho State Police, County Sheriff's offices, and city police departments. 

Each agency provides officers for the task force, allowing extra cops to patrol, sometimes outside their jurisdictions, during emphasis patrols. 

The agency hopes to stop the rising number of DUI arrests by deterring people from getting behind the wheel, impaired. 

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