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No charges filed against woman seen punching dog in video

The City of Boise decided not to file charges against a woman who was videotaped punching a dog due to 'insufficient evidence'.
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BOISE, Idaho — The City of Boise's prosecutor office issued a statement on Thursday announcing that no charges will be filed against the young woman who was seen punching her dog.

The video, which originated in Boise, shows a woman wearing boxing gloves and repeatedly hitting a German Shepherd in the head and face.

The video emerged on social media in May and sparked an investigation from the Idaho Humane Society. The original video was taken down, but copies remained visible on Facebook and Twitter.

The IHS says the conduct in the video is being considered for charges under Idaho's misdemeanor animal abuse statute, which criminalizes "every person who cruelly whips, beats or otherwise maliciously treats any animal."

They later announced they were awaiting review at the local prosecutor's office for a charging decision.

It has now been determined that the woman in the video will not be charged. A spokesperson from the City of Boise issued the following statement:

"The City declined charges due to insufficient evidence to prosecute under relevant state and city code. We have an ethical obligation to not proceed on cases where there is insufficient evidence to meet the burden of proof."

IHS released a statement on the decision on Thursday, stating that they requested the dog be brought in for a veterinarian exam shortly after they opened an investigation, and found no signs of injury on the dog.

"Idaho is one of the worst states in the U.S with regards to animal protection laws," the press release stated. "We urge the public to write their local city councilmembers and Idaho State Legislators to enact laws which better protect companion animals."

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