CALDWELL -- A Nampa man was sentenced to ten years in prison for seriously injuring a 6-month-old girl, leaving the infant with a brain bleed.

Christopher Shane Garret, 30, will spend at least two years behind bars before he can become eligible for parole, a judge ruled.

Garrett was arrested in September 2016 after physically abusing his then-girlfriend's daughter. According to medical records, the 6-month-old had visible bruising on her back, shoulder and left ear, as well as a significant brain bleed.

Doctors say the brain injury was caused by two separate events of traumatic head injury that happened between one and two weeks apart. The medical examination also showed that the injuries were "non-accidental trauma," and did not match up with the type of injuries that occur in a fall or household accident.

Garrett was convicted in March of felony injury to a child, later pleading guilty to a heroin possession charge from a separate incident in May 2016.

Judge Thomas Ryan said Garrett was under the influence of drugs when he abused the girl.

"It's come to light that this child was injured in your care and you may not have even known because you were high…you are the perfect example of how addiction can create actual victims," he said. "You shouldn't have been left in charge of her while intoxicated."

The defendant was barred from having any contact with the baby or her family.

Prosecutor Bryan Taylor said in a statement that sending Garrett to prison was the right choice.

"We all have a responsibility to protect those in our society who can't protect themselves; our children," he said. "Causing severe injuries and physical abuse like this to a 6-month old infant is unacceptable behavior in our community. As prosecutors it is our duty to hold Mr. Garrett accountable. He belongs in prison for what he did to this little one."