The Twin Falls woman charged in the murder of her 20-month-old child was arraigned in an Ada County courtroom on Monday. A judge set 22-year-old Amanda Dunlap’s bond at $2 million.

Court records show that investigators believe Dunlap began abusing her daughter nearly two months before Lyryk Altom’s death. In addition to the murder charge, Dunlap faces an additional eight counts of felony injury to a child and one count of misdemeanor injury to a child.

According to court documents, the first instance of alleged child abuse happened on August 25. The violence continued through September, and according to investigators, culminated with a final case of felony injury to a child on October 7. The day before Logan Altom, Lyryk’s father, says his daughter was rushed to the hospital.

Lyryk died nearly a week later on October 14.

“I really didn't know about anything else until the police came to the hospital,” Altom said.

Altom says he and Dunlap dated for a little more than two years and were engaged. However, Altom says Dunlap broke off their engagement a couple of months ago, and he hasn’t seen his daughter in over a month.

“If I had known anything. I mean, I regret more than anything that I become reclusive. I isolated myself after the break-up,” Altom said.

Altom says he was depressed and working to get his mental health under control.

“Had you speculated that something might have been happening or anything,” KTVB asked?

“No, I found out about everything Sunday really. I mean I heard that she, Amanda text me Saturday saying that she had a seizure and that kind of definitely caused me to go into a state of concern,” Altom replied.

Altom says his daughter was always happy.

“She loved dancing. She loved Pokémon. She liked video games and things like that,” Altom said. “She was just really happy all the time that was the most unique trait about her.”

Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs said police launched their investigation after the injured girl arrived at the hospital on October 8. The details of abuse that led to Lyryk’s death are unclear, and Loebs declined to give any specifics.

KTVB has submitted a public information request to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to see if they have an investigations or reports of child abuse on Dunlap. We have yet to hear back but will provide those details once we get them.