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How and when will Lori Vallow, mother of two missing Rexburg kids, return to Idaho?

On Wednesday, Vallow waived extradition in a Hawaii courtroom. So what's next?

REXBURG, Idaho — The world watched as Lori Vallow, the mother of two missing Rexburg kids, JJ and Tylee, waived her right to an extradition hearing on Wednesday. Her actions have now left many with questions about how and when she'll return back to Idaho.

“Generally speaking, how they work is we send a couple of deputies to the location and transport them back to Idaho,” said Sgt. Isaac Payne, public information officer for the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

In a phone interview with KTVB, Payne said the department is still planning the details surrounding Vallow's extradition from Hawaii to Idaho, but she could be on a plane soon.

"A very likely scenario is probably sometime next week,” Payne said.

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KTVB also reached out to criminal defense lawyer and former Idaho Attorney General Dave Leroy about the strategy behind why someone would waive extradition.

"Waiving extradition simply speeds up the process, it means that you don't have to have another hearing or another set of hearings in Hawaii, and you save several days or perhaps several weeks in moving to the seeking state," Leroy said. 

As for Vallow's means of transportation, Payne told KTVB she'll likely be on a commercial flight. 

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“We realize and appreciate the high visibility of the case, but the same precautions that we normally take are going to be put in place and that would mean having her dress in her plain clothes, not a jail uniform of any kind, generally speaking we board first, a seat at the back of the plane, those types of things," Payne said.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Madison County Sheriff's Office didn't have any specifics for which flight or path Vallow would be on, but they say that information must be kept private. However, they did reveal that typically in these types of scenarios, they’re looking for the most direct route, with the least amount of layovers.

“At best it would be Idaho Falls,” Payne said. “We'd fly into Boise or Salt Lake City as well, if those are more direct routes."

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office also wants to remind the public that until a person goes through the court process, they are innocent until proven guilty. 

Once Vallow returns to the Gem State, she will be transported to the Madison County Jail prior to appearing before a judge.

Vallow’s kids, JJ and Tylee, have been missing since September.

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