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Arizona school details new information about Lori Vallow and son JJ

L.I.F.E. Academy in Arizona, which JJ Vallow attended, claims a device with the name Lori Vallow has continually been using the app, though JJ is no longer enrolled.

BOISE, Idaho — Details continue to unfold in the case of missing Rexburg children, 7-year-old JJ Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan. 

On Thursday, KTVB received information from JJ's school in Arizona, which shows a roller coaster in terms of JJ's enrollment. It also sheds some light on conflict between Charles and Lori Vallow. 

Before the family moved to Rexburg, JJ attended Laurens Institute For Education in Gilbert, Arizona. 

The school tells KTVB that it uses an app called Bloomz, which allows a school to share information with parents and students. Up until a week ago, an account named Lori Vallow was monitoring JJ's classroom communication system, even though JJ hasn't been enrolled in the school since September 2019.  According to the school, the name Lori Vallow has been tracked multiple times using the app. The school discovered it a week ago and says that's when it removed her access to the app. 

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Other information from the school offers a fairly comprehensive timeline of JJ's attendance at school. 

Information from the school starts on Feb. 5, 2019 when JJ was absent from L.I.F.E. Academy. 

On Feb. 11, his father Charles Vallow visits the school and claims Lori had "gone crazy" and was hearing religious voices. She had disappeared and no one knew where she was. Charles also told the school he had a protection order against Lori and that he would be pulling JJ out of school and taking him out of state until he was safe. 

Around the same time, Feb. 15, Charles filed for divorce from Lori. 

At the end of February, Charles and JJ return to L.I.F.E. Academy and Lori is still MIA. 

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On March 7, Charles formally withdrew JJ from school, saying they were going to stay with family in Texas.

Fast forward to late June, Lori contacts L.I.F.E. saying the family was back in Gilbert. She also enrolled JJ in the school's summer program. 

Mid-July, on the 11th, Charles Vallow is shot and killed by Lori's brother, Alex Cox. But the school wouldn't find out about his death until a week later, when Lori told them Charles had committed suicide.

L.I.F.E. did their own research and learned Charles was killed as part of a family dispute, so to "do due diligence" the school filed a report with Arizona's Department of Child Safety. 

The timeline moves to August 5, where JJ starts the new school year at L.I.F.E.  Later that month, his grandparents, Kay and Larry Woodcock, called the school to ask about JJ's welfare, claiming they hadn't seen him in awhile.

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It was Sept. 5 that Lori withdrew JJ from the school via email and phone. 

In the email, which KTVB obtained a copy of, Lori explained the family had a quick move because of a job offer. 

She wrote: "Since the circumstances in our lives have changed drastically since my husband passed away last month. I have been offered a job out of state and have had to accept it. We have had to move quickly since the job started ASAP. So I’m sad to inform you that Joshua won’t be returning this year."

It was December when a detective contacted the school and L.I.F.E. learned of JJ's disappearance. 

The school added in information sent to KTVB that it is cooperating with law enforcement and it hopes JJ "is well and will return home soon."

KTVB made an interactive timeline of the events surrounding the disappearance of JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan:

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