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Map shows where highest incidences of home burglaries are occurring in Boise

The Boise Police Department is urging residents to keep their garage doors closed to keep from becoming a crime victim.
Credit: BPD

BOISE, Idaho — Warmer weather is leading to more crimes of opportunity in Boise.

The Boise Police Department is reminding residents to close your garage doors after a recent rash of home burglaries.

Between January and April, officers have taken numerous reports of items stolen from garages, sheds and homes. The burglaries occurred during the day and evening hours.

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Police released a map of the areas most impacted these crimes.

They are near Orchard Street, Harrison Boulevard, Pierce Park, McMillan Road, Ustick Road and the surrounding areas.

The stolen items include bicycles, firearms, tools and car parts.

The Boise Police Department is encouraging residents to practice the following good safety habits:

• Secure your home and vehicles by locking doors and windows. Lock the door going from the garage into your home and the door going from your garage to the outside. Secure the pet door too!
• Recheck your garage door before turning in for the night. A garage door that is open, even only a few inches, is susceptible to crime.
• Barking dogs can be an indication of unusual activity around your home. Pay attention and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement.
• Keep exterior lights on at night.
• Frost or cover your garage windows. People who can see into your garage can view your items. Remember to secure your windows with locks and dowels to prevent thieves from accessing the garage.
• Keep your garage keypad secure – remind children not to share the security code with anyone.
• Remember to check your sheds and detached buildings as well. Replace old locks and hinges and cover windows.

Also, be on the lookout for suspicious activity in your neighborhood. Notify a neighbor if you see an open garage. Watching out for one another can make a difference.

Credit: BPD

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